This video shows an engine with rolling stock running on dirty track. Notice that the train is slow and hesitant through the turns. As it comes toward you on the left side, notice that the train hesitates, the light blinks exhibiting an interruption in current flow to the engine. The amp meter on your power pack may begin to flutter and this is an indication of dirty track. You may turn up the power to the track, and or better, clean the track. The next images show how you may want to clean the track. These techniques are useful for all gauges of track. Use a clean cloth, rag or paper towels to clean the track. You may also use the floor cleaner tools shown in the images. These are ideal for garden railway layouts. Pour ACT-6006 Track Cleaner on the medium you have selected and rub on the track until no more oxidation is visible on your cloth. Make sure you clean the metal contact pick up points, wheels or pads on the engine, to insure ideal current flow from track to engine. Once your track is clean, you are ready to roll with reduced power. Use your amp meter to determine when your track again will need cleaning. Again, look at the images to see the technique to clean your track. While viewing the video, note the throttle position on the power pack. It is set at about 55. Then note the throttle position in the second video, as it remains on 55, yet the performance of the engine is smoother, quicker and constant after cleaning.

Pour Track Cleaner on a clean cloth, rag or paper towel. Wipe on the track.

Your cloth or rag will look like this. The Track Cleaner is removing the oxidation on the track.

When your cloth no longer picks up the oxidation on the track, your track is clean and ready to run.




This video shows remarkable improvement after cleaning the track. Notice the paper towels inside the track. You will see massive amounts of black oxidized material that has been removed from the track. The contact point, the pads on the engine, were also cleaned. You will see no hesitation through the turns or on the straightaways. The engine no longer hesitates. ACT-6006 Track Cleaner has done its job. You will achieve the same results as you will also achieve improved DCC and Sound performance. Please contact us for any questions you may have. Ask your favorite hobby dealer to carry this remarkable product.